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I believe reading can change lives. I am grateful for the books, too numerous to mention, which came into my life since I learned to read under candle light as a young boy. Books can entertain, educate, and inspire their readers to new heights. It’s the reason I write. My hope for readers when they turn the last page of my books, is to feel moved and enlightened by the stories, characters, and settings that make the experience feel real. I want to take my readers on the journey, with all the twists and turns, joy and sadness, surprise and suspense that can fit in the pages. History is filled with stories yet to be told, because time might have forgotten them. My goal is find these untold stories and revive their tapestry of love, hate, betrayal, war, peace, redemption, grief, struggle, victory—all the ingredients of human existence, so we walk away with lifetime lessons and richer lives.
Dunbar Campbell
Writer, Speaker, Researcher


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